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Mar 08, 2023

When your mind speeds up you won't notice the fatigue underneath.

Have you noticed that when you become exhausted, the pressure on you to have to get things done increases? The mind runs faster the lower your batteries become. Until you crash.

But then again doesn't the gas in the tank run out faster by the end? Your phone doesn't last as long on red as it did on green...

When your mind starts racing it could be a sign that you are running on near empty!
Ignore it, keep going and rest later. That's the idea in our culture.

You want to avoid feeling tired. As if avoidance cured exhaustion. You borrow energy with stimulants...As if coffee was a substitute for sleep.

You want to avoid having to stop when so much needs to get done.
Because we are conditioned to feel deserving when we've really given it all (and more.)
If you continuously give more than you have, you can't expect to thrive.

Do you want inner peace and more productivity? Your body will guide you. Will you let it?

When my client went to the Spa and chilled because she needed a rest, the next day she could pick up her brush and complete a project that had been waiting to get done for weeks on end. Effortlessly. This is working WITH your flow. Most people don't do that.

They think they are slaves to their racing minds. "I've got to get this done" it yells and they hate being told off and like good little girls and boys do what their yelling fast mind tells them and then still feel like it's never good enough. "DO MORE!" It's never enough until you crash.

Mentally or emotionally or physically. I call this exhaustion therapy. When only exhaustion allows you to hit 'reset!'. It works but it's not a great long-term strategy.

Consider this:

When your mind speeds up - your body actually wants to slow down.

You have permission to stop and nurture yourself first. And that allows you to achieve with ease.

Nike. Toyota. Loreal. (Just do it, Nothing's impossible, you're worth it)

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