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The Entirely True Tale
of Evelyne Brink


“You will never dance again.” 

The doctors dropped this bomb in my lap and handed
me back the crutches. Unwilling to accept a diagnosis
that would keep me from living out my inner pop star, I toured the world as UK’s No. 1 Madonna impersonator the next year. 

“Your son won’t live.” 

Well, he’s fine. He goes to mainstream school and I’m a proud mother of 2, both with medical extras. 

“You won’t work again. Taking care of the boy is a full-time job.” 

Lucky for me, Channel 4 wasn’t aware of that supposed fact when they hired me.

As you can see, I like creating the impossible. Making wild ideas happen. Challenging every obstacle placed in my way. 

I am the rocket fuel for creative leaders who are slowly burning out from their own glory.

My clients have gained deals with Universal records, won awards, got jobs they thought they couldn’t, connected with people they never thought they would reach, and built relationships that are satisfying. 

They are the reason that I love coaching. 

What is possible for you if you stop living in martyrdom and start living in pleasure? 

What would change if you ended your chronic insecurity? 

What would happen if you said no more to taking action from a place of stress and insecurity? 

When you are operating from a place of fear and inspiration, you are exhausting yourself - running on adrenaline and caffeine - waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

I am on a mission to show you what a badass you are. 

I want to teach you to stand in your power, to elevate your offers, and lead with pleasure. 

Are you ready for your life to change? 

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