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You are an extraordinarily big hearted human with a track record of achievements and an even bigger log of desires.
Your problems make others jealous. 


So some say “that’s not a real problem” except that you are dealing with it so it is very real to you.
Being highly functional has granted you advantages in life. It also cost you some connection and relatability.
You’d love to have it all. You can.

You create extraordinary success and you have ideas galore. Most can’t keep up with you.

You need thinking space and thinking partners who inspire and amplify your greatness and clarity.

Most can’t follow the complexity of your mental landscape


The Sky is not the limit for you. You know you can do more, bigger, deeper, go further. It doesn't matter how far you’ve already come, we are on an epic journey. Being a star is one way of describing legendary success, shining bright for all to see,  but you are more interested in cultivating your own glow from inside  that is sustainable and enjoyable. It’s not just about your brand and image, you are invested in your authentic expression in the word. You are here to create, explore, express.


You are here to fly.
Sometimes you forget you have wings. 

Success covers bad habits extremely well. It also makes them stronger.
Your darkness is haunting you at times and you’d love to feel whole, integrated without having to discipline yourself continuously.