Become the most powerful version of yourself in public for greater influence, impact  and income.

9-13 September 2024




Become the most powerful version of yourself in public for greater influence, impact  and income.

9-13 September 2024

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Who is this for?

If you're a, coach, author, business owner or executive who wants to show up more powerfully in the public eye,

Who is ready to attract more clients of a higher caliber,

who wants more impact, income and influence whilst being more authentic and free. 

You will gain:

  • Greater visibility and recognition to build trust and let ideal clients find you
  • confidence to speak in public with more gravitas and freedom
  • Speak professionally i.e. on camera without losing your authentic self
  • Enhance your leadership presence to gain more high-level engagements

Income follows impact.
Create powerful and professional communication that matches your intelligence with the way you come across. 

 It's time for your uplevel. 

There aren’t many people who are great on camera or on stage.

Those who are have us hooked, binging on them like Netflix. 

Given that you've worked on yourself and your skills for years, you'd hope
 charismatic presence is a given. 
Aren't we born with it?

Apparently not. 
But we can learn this. 

I will show you how. Not tell you. SHOW.


It’s time to become memorable.

It's time to become INFLUENTIAL. 



Ready to take your leadership skills to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your audience?

👉 The Impact Amplifier
is exactly what you need.

Imagine a world where you effortlessly command attention,

speak with natural authority,

and captivate your audience

from the moment you step on stage or appear on the screen.

Audiences are too savvy to be hooked in by sales techniques.

What if you had the freedom and confidence to tell jokes and connect deeply where others are still trying to sell?


Picture yourself confidently expressing your thoughts, ideas, and messages in a way that leaves your listeners inspired and ready to take action.

The Impact Amplifier is the key to this world.

But I'm an Introvert!

Great! It's time to unleash your authentic power and this is the place for you.

The Impact Amplifier hones essential skills for liberated self-expression. As a result, you grow in confidence.

Whether you're an introvert wanting to come out of your shell more or an extrovert who wants to deepen their impact, this program equips you to shine and leave a lasting impression.

"She is truly remarkable!"

Disco Dave Wynn

AC accredited Advanced Coach Practitioner


Ready to level up?

Forget next steps. Let's spread your wings. Who needs to step if we can fly?

As it turns out, can have it all: being professional and being authentic. Being you and standing out in public.

You can have it all, and as a role model, you better get on with that because otherwise, you are modelling the limitation, not the possibility.

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a beginner, there is a next level for everyone because range is not a fixed point nor a destination.

Your possibilities are within your horizons, within your range.
So let’s stretch this and watch a new world unfold for you.

☞ Let’s unleash your most compelling version onto the screen and stages of your industry.

☞ Captivate your audience, profoundly impact those around you with your authenticity and clarity. 

☞ Make sales a joy. Feel confident and at ease in yourself whilst in the spotlight.

Ok, that is a lot of words already, to say that this program will be epic for your business, personal development, and soul.
Are you in?


"Evelyn is brilliant! She has a unique ability to see exactly what is blocking you and support you in seeing it from a different perspective."

Donna Bond

Spiritual Life and Business Coach

This is the part where I tell you how long it’ll take to
deliver on the bold promises I  made.

Over the course of a week, you'll embark on a transformative immersive online experience, that will stretch your range of expression like never before.

We take five days 2 hours each to dive into different modules, each focusing on a unique aspect of expression.
Through engaging exercises, you'll explore the spectrum of expression, discovering just how loud or quiet, confident or humble, and/or powerful you can be.

Experience a vibrant group setting. While not one-on-one, the Impact Amplifier program ensures individual experience and guidance within a supportive and intimate environment. 

By the end of the program, you will achieve remarkable results that could look like this:
Now comes the part where I summarise what you’ll be getting, but that’s only true if you play full out, obviously, and if you partake. I can’t give you this from just reading my sales page.

Hold Yourself With Power, Confidence, and Grace:

You'll learn how to command the stage or the screen with an unwavering presence. Your posture, body language, and voice will exude power, confidence, and grace, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Lead Others With Your Energy:

Discover the art of leading with your energy.
Learn how to direct and hold your audience's attention, guiding them through a transformative experience and inspiring them to take action.

Master the Tone of Your Voice:

Learn how to connect with others and still value the unique individual you are inside.

Embrace Boldness and Courage:

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace boldness and courage. You'll learn how to speak more spontaneously, trust your instincts, and take risks that will captivate your audience and set you apart as a true leader.

Become a Pro on Stage or on Screen:

Whether you're delivering a speech, presenting in a boardroom, or appearing on camera, you'll gain the skills and confidence to shine. Learn how to work a script so it feels natural and authentic, captivating your audience with every word.

Ok, that should really convince you to sign up, shouldn’t it?
I just wrote this, and I’m excited.


"I realised how much fun it is when you do it from a place of authenticity."

Adrian Digby

Executive Coach & Trusted Advisor


Remember, income follows impact. When you become more impactful on stage or on camera, you'll attract your next level of clients gracefully and confidently. Stop being the best kept secret. Become known for your brilliance. Let them ask to work with YOU.

“You turn people into stars,” music manager Ian Dunnett described  my work.

Founder of 4PC, author of " The Prosperous Coach" Rich Litvin calls me his 'secret weapon'. 

The star potential is in you.

I will help you express it even more.

Leaders, Icons and Stars are not born. They are developed. 

The result is that others perceive you as even more extraordinary.
They can really ‘see’ you and feel you.

What difference would that make in your business when people can really see and feel you?
Is it going to be anything less than huge and impactful?

If this doesn’t move the needle forward for you, don’t waste your time with this page. Get on with your life!



"It was so much fun!"

Jo Turner

the Physio Coach

I’m here to make a massive difference in your life and business. In fact, I insist.

Let’s unearth the magic of resonance not just through a “market-fit” message but through the literal vocal frequencies. 

Resonate through your voice metaphorically and literally speaking. 

Resonate with your audience and with your own essence.

Not many talk about this; this is not just mindset attraction wishy-washy. It’s magical and logical, and skill-based. 

Check it out for yourself.

It's time to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-expression and bold authenticity with our groundbreaking program, the Impact Amplifier.

"You really help people to get to their next level, expand their brilliance! You rock on all levels."

Judith Kastner

Coach & Founder - The Kastner Method


Just like an amplifier takes a sound and magnifies it, our program takes your current voice and stretches its range to new heights and depths…  

It’s time to have a blast with being you. 

No more hiding behind a ‘professional persona’ or perceived rules of success. Let’s get real. Stand out.
Become the bold visionary.

Get ready to revolutionise the way you communicate and connect with others, finding the perfect harmony between authenticity, influence, and impact. 

If the idea of spending a week together unleashing your next level of confidence, messaging, and speaking yourself powerfully into any room appeals to you, book here and get your early bird catches the worm price locked in:


"I often felt inauthentic..."

Nnenna Onuba

Founder of LBB skin care discovered 'natural performance'

Want more information?  Still?

I’m one of those, too. What’s it about, really? Tell me more because I’m interested, but I need more time; I can’t just buy at the spur of the moment; what if it's not the best decision?

How much does it cost, what do you give me, is this for real?
Ok, read on. 

It’s not like I don’t enjoy writing this!



no amount of words replaces your gut instinct and intuition. I recommend you listen for that small voice within or that expansive feeling that says, “this is for me!”. You probably already had it.

As you read on, I’ll serve you more arguments and logical, rational case studies for why you are safe investing in this crucial skill that, quite frankly, is the basis for all the good ideas others have taught you to actually work. 

I might even make more fun of the format of an online sales page.

Here is a reason you should sign up for this:

  • You already have strategies and a website and something to say, but let’s face it, you’re not doing it consistently and powerfully enough because you are restricting yourself.
  • This ‘self’ is limited by a lack of training and expansion.
    So let’s stretch you.
  • Your body likes Yoga; your personality could do with some Impact Yoga, too. Let’s get you in blissful harmony with your truth, power, and instrument of expression!
  • Stop letting me convince you. You need to become more convincing yourself. Practice and play with that in the course!

"I said YES to the impact evolution retreat with Evelyne because I wanted to experience a bit of the magic that is Evelyne - her high intensity and all-round vibrancy.
What I liked best about Evelyne's work is the way she shakes things up and throws away the rule book.
What I wasn't expecting was that it was not only a really fun and enjoyable experience in a beautiful setting but I learnt all sorts of things about myself that I didn't know before.
As a result of the coaching I now don't feel the same dread at the prospect of public speaking and I'm much happier putting myself out of my comfort zone. She's a master at helping people find their inner performer.
My experience of Evelyne is that she brings so much energy into all the spaces she inhabits which makes working with her so much fun and extremely rewarding. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed."

Cat Preston

Life Coach and host of The Collective Wisdom Podcast

What we are going to do:

Here is my plan, subject to change a little as I work with people more than schedules.
I will adapt to the power in the room. But for those of you who want all the ins and outs, this is what I see us doing:

Day 1: Stretching Your Spectrum of Expression

Not everyone has spent years studying 100 ways to say the same thing as we do in acting school. Or learned to become a vessel for any message or character.
And you don’t need to. 

But… Get the gist of what is taught so you can become free actually to express, not just articulate. 

That will make a huge difference in the way you are received.

In this module, we dive headfirst into stretching your range of expression. 

We'll explore the entire spectrum, from confident and authoritative to soft-spoken and humble. 

Through engaging exercises and activities, you'll push your boundaries and discover new depths of expression you never thought possible. 

Get ready to speak i.e, your bio, with unwavering confidence and captivate your audience with the power of your voice.

Day 2: Impact Yoga - Finding Flow and Aligning Essence to Expression.

Just as yoga stretches and strengthens the body, our Impact Yoga module stretches and strengthens your voice. You'll unlock a newfound sense of flow and authenticity through a unique blend of vocal exercises, singing, and body language techniques. Discover how to harness the energy within you and direct it towards creating impact. Become the conductor of your own energy, leading others with the tone of your voice and leaving a lasting impression.

I love the term impact Yoga- I made that up. I hope you like it too, as I find it describes this idea really well. :-) even if I say so myself.

Day 3: Bold and Courageous Communication

It's time to unleash your inner boldness and courage. In this module, we'll help you break free from chains of self-doubt and fear. Embrace spontaneity, speak from the heart, and communicate with conviction. Step onto any stage or in front of any camera confidently and gracefully. Your newfound boldness will magnetise your audience and elevate your presence in the industry.

Day 4: Captivating, Entertaining, and Impactful Delivery

In this module, we'll polish your delivery skills to make you truly captivating and entertaining. Learn the secrets of captivating storytelling, master the art of engaging your audience, and inject your presentations with humour and charisma.  Learn the art of working a script so it feels natural and authentic. You'll become a pro at leaving a lasting impact, ensuring that your message is heard and remembered long after the lights go down. Get ready to steal the show and become the star of any stage or screen.

Day 5: Elevating Your Presence and Making a Lasting Impact

On the final day, we'll bring it all together and help you elevate your presence. If you are already super high, we might need to raise our cameras just to see you. We are prepared to do that.

Discover the power of intentional energy and body language to create a magnetic field around you. Craft your unique personal brand and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 

Now that sounded a little woo-woo, and I am aware of that. Were you?
A little woo-woo never hurt anyone, by the way. But forgetting about the magical side of life has hurt many…

"Magic happens when working with Evelyne. Her work is life changing and transformational. It’s that simple. I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there, including my own power, creativity, embodied confidence and voice. She works her magic by intuitively knowing where to take me, all whilst providing so much emotional safety for me to express my deepest fears and then work through them - revealing my true desires. She got me up on a stage, helped me perform my truest expression of myself and actually made me fall in love with the whole experience. She’s one of those rare people who can beautifully marry deep softness with ferocious power and she’s one of my secret weapons. Thank you for everything you are, Evelyne."

Lucy Lowther

Consultant, Mindset Coach

Do you need more rational arguments why this program is a fantastic idea?
I’m not really keen on a lot of ‘salesy talk’ because it’s all fluff at the end of the day.
I’m interested in seeing you progress, not procrastinate. 


The big question you might have at this point is; Is this going to be expensive? Do I want to invest this much?!

Clients pay me $80k to work 1:1 for a year or $25k for 3 months. I have repeat clients for 2-13 years. 

This program will cost a FRACTION of that whilst providing you with the ‘best of’ material.
You won’t get as much attention as you can 1:1, but you won’t drown in a crowd, either!
It’s an experiential program more than a talking talking talking course to follow at home. 

I am creating this as a flagship experience for anyone curious to work with me.


And there's an incredible Early Bird price!

This is my ‘no excuses’ price. It’s worth a lot more. 

If you are a coach, sales consultant, executive, or business owner- your business will benefit from your developing some serious stagecraft and range when it comes to getting yourself out there powerfully.

Your holding back costs you A LOT MORE.

How much money have you left on the table because you haven’t been out there in your most powerful version of yourself, speaking with conviction and confidence? Or asking for the sale?

Or saying what you actually wanted and needed because in that moment, somehow… you can’t?

I rest my case. 

Course Details:

WHEN: 9-13 September 2024
TIME: 16:00 - 18:00 BST
          08:00 - 10:00 PT
          11:00 - 13:00 ET

COST: $2750 $1550


"I was inspired by Evelyne's expressiveness, her vibrant liveliness and her ability to capture her audience using a magnitude of styles and personas. I immediately thought: this is what I want!
Before working together, I found myself wearing corporate armour a lot of the time, seeking to be more alive, playful and in full expression of who I am.
Evelyne can hold room while at the same time working in the most precise and loving way with each individual, thus orchestrating a mutual growth journey that exceeds anything that I had hoped for. And it was fun too!
Everything she does emerges from what is in the moment, she doesn't follow a rigid plan, nothing is too strange to ask for.
This was exactly what I had hoped for and it was surprising in every moment.

As a result of the coaching I now live in my body more fully, enjoy expressing myself more playfully and just love life more deeply.
Evelyne has a fine antenna for what people need and the guts to turn their worlds upside down.

Go and book Evelyne and you are up for an amazing ride!"

Inga Hiltner

Leader, Creator of the Future and Rebel-in-Residence at Egon Zehnder

Imagine the possibilities when you unleash your authentic voice and stretch your range of expression. Here's what awaits you.

Oh, now you think you can go and just learn some stagecraft somewhere, and that will be cool?
Yes, you can. And if you have time and many great teachers around that, I will champion you to do that.
This program is not acting lessons. It takes the essence of what I’ve learned from acting, improv, singing, stand-up comedy, one-woman shows, 20 years of coaching, and being a human being and moulds that to the needs of leaders in the spotlight.

Income Follows Impact: Experience how becoming more impactful on stage and on camera attracts your next-level clients with grace. Hold yourself with power, confidence, and grace.

That was my summary.

If you are confident, amplify your impact and learn how vulnerability, variety, and versatility can add to your range to keep your followers engaged for longer.

If you are an introvert, sign up now and avoid me talking to you directly!

As an introvert, being ballsy and all out can feel really tender or anxiety provoking. But actually, confidence is a by-product of skill. Let’s dial up on the skill and allow yourself not to change but grow into your fullest expression. Introversion included as desired!

I love working with introverted people as they often understand themselves more.
We have a great place to start from. 

And I’m not as extroverted as I look.

If you are an extrovert- join us to deepen your impact. Learn the tools and strategies to stand out and uniquely position yourself as the unique high profile brand.

It’s crucial to be on point and land your messages just right to create your next level of impact. Just being loud and proud is never what it’s all about. You have so much more to give.

Nuance. Nurture. Notability.

If you are a coach and you want to rise up and stand out against the sea of coaches. I mean, isn’t everyone a coach these days? Come and do this to get the edge, becoming memorable and powerful in your positioning. We do this without having to shout how amazing we are; your audience will feel it because you will be expressing yourself from a place of depth, courage, beauty, and pleasure. Remember, you can’t take anyone deeper than you’ve gone before.
Join us to go deeper and wider and wilder and gentler.

Learn how to move yourself and others with words, voice, body expression, and energy.

So here is the button one more time
Because apparently, it’s good online sales practice to include the same freaking button multiple times for your convenience.
If you struggle with decision-making: