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You have lived to serve and served to live.
You’ve built your empire.

Your next level awaits.


Do you dare to feel THIS good? Are you brave enough to find your desire? 

How much more will you and your business thrive when you cultivate an even deeper connection with pleasure and luxury?


Let's make the world a better place.
Starting with enjoying your 


There is incredible beauty in you and out there too. Let’s bring the two together and ignite a power that heals, propels & liberates.

Elevate with transformative opulence. 

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Luxury Transformations with Evelyne are high-level experiences with the deepest conversations in the most awe-inspiring settings.

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Choose Your Own Adventure


The Maldives Experience 


Plunge into the crystal clear water of the Maldives and cleanse with intentional rejuvenation. Celebrate and honeymoon with your highest self in complete luxury.

Book now to secure your space in 2023 for 5 days of spa treatments, deep coaching conversations, ceremonies that will leave you jumping with joy & and time to chill deeply on the most magical luxury islands in a stunning residence.

Package includes 3 connection meetings to solidify your magic in your world.

Transform, commit & receive in pure delight.

Take the Plunge

The Madeira Expansion 


3 treasured days of transformational coaching on a lush island oasis.

Let the island spoil you with her  healing energies, enjoy delicious food, spa treatments & poolside relaxation.

Explore your genius and the depths of your desire through the magic of your voice, expression and deepest nervous system resetting with Evelyne guiding on this meaningful journey of cohesion and bliss.

This package includes 3 monthly integration sessions (virtually held) thereafter.

This VIP trip is one-on-one with 5+ hours of coaching daily.

Enjoy Transformation

The Dubai Adventure


Spend 3 days on top of the world with Evelyne and explore your genius in the city of human ingenuity.

Pack your bags, experience your carefree self in a foreign environment and play in the desert and snow all on the same day.

Celebrate your success and next chapter with a sunset cocktail on the 154th floor of the highest lounge in the world.

Package includes 3 implementation sessions thereafter.

This is a VIP trip for 1-3 guests.

Get High on Life

The London Lux


Enjoy 3 days as royal as the queen without the formalities.

Take in the West End in style, Laugh with world-class live stand-up comedy & find yourself in royal splendour with our High Tea experience.

Allow yourself to connect to the history & tradition of London, then liberate yourself from its social conditioning while dining on the 54th floor overlooking the city.

Package includes 3 implementation sessions thereafter.

This bespoke experience is one-on-one with Evelyne.

Fancy a Cuppa?

The Northern Lights Sp-ahhh


Hop in your private sauna & hot tub at -10 then roll in the snow afterwards just because you can. Nothing changes your world, life, & experience like 3 days of Nordic luxury.

Transformational coaching in heat, cold, peace, quiet, style & total wellbeing.

Take in the northern lights in a bathrobe - Hot chocolate and champagne included. You will be warm... most of the time.

Package includes 3 implementation sessions thereafter.

This trip is for 1-3 guests.

Light Up the World