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Meet Evelyne Brink...

The dynamic international speaker, executive coach, and former UK No. 1 Madonna impersonator who became a sought-after executive presence coach and TEDx Speaker.

A meteor of life force, she brings a rare combination of stage charisma and insightful leadership coaching to your event leaving your audience uplifted and more confident.

Having left her mark on BBC, Deloitte, and Nasdaq, Evelyne is not just a speaker; she's a catalyst for positive change and mental sustainability.


Book Evelyne for an event that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving audiences inspired to embrace the pleasure mindset and achieve the extraordinary.


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Signature talks...

Express to Impress: Unleashing Your Creative Voice for Leadership Success
Harness Your Authenticity to Lead with Confidence and Impact
In this captivating talk, your audience will discover how to overcome the fear of vulnerability, express their true selves, and become charismatic leaders who inspire action. Book now to empower your team with Madonna's former top impersonator and unlock leadership excellence."

Resilience 2.0: Thriving Through Life's Challenges
Unlock the Keys to Resilience and Thrive in Adversity
Empower your audience with the proven strategies to transform adversity into strength, driven by the resilience of Madonna's former top impersonator. Book this talk to equip your leaders with a roadmap to overcome obstacles, bolstered by real-life experiences.

No Hiding in the Spotlight: Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style
Dare to be You when EVERYONE is Watching
Invite your audience to embrace their unique leadership styles, overcome self-doubt, and become confident leaders, guided by Madonna's former top impersonator's journey. Secure this talk to inspire your team to step out of their comfort zones and shine with authenticity.

Business by Pleasure: Sustainable Success in Leadership
Achieve Sustainable Success While Enjoying the Journey
Transform your team's approach to leadership by integrating well-being practices into their careers, driven by Madonna's former top impersonator. Booking this talk will empower your leaders to achieve peak performance, balance, and long-term success while enjoying the journey.

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Hiding in the Spotlight: How to dare to be you when everyone is watching.

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