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You're a powerful goddess.

You're a powerful goddess.

Feb 13, 2023

If you're a mother you are a Goddess. You created life. Call me Goddess. Do not ever call me MUM.⠀
I’m my children’s mother and they may call me whatever we like. Personally, I am Mama and I love it. But I am Mama to MY KIDS, not to anyone else.⠀

But nobody has mind-blowing sex with MUM.⠀
Nobody buys MUM flowers except on Mother's Day. Get lost.⠀
Nobody makes dinner for MUM and nobody worships MUM for being a freaking Goddess.⠀

If you are a woman who gave birth to new life, you are a Goddess. You are a miracle worker. You are amazing. You are a fierce lioness. You are the Mama.⠀
You will give everything to others, you are a superhero.⠀
You also have desires. You have the right to find them and to fulfil the ones that work for you. You have a self. And it’s WORTHY. It may need rediscovering. It probably needs an upgrade in the operational system. Get coached for this.⠀
I want you to see it, feel it and live it. You’re a powerful Goddess and a valued human being.⠀

You have a life force and power and fierceness and you can literally create magic with your womb. You have access to life energy and you are born to birth your ideas into the world as well as your children.⠀
You are an artist at heart. You make life special. Do you want to start your business? Or scale it? You can totally do that. On your terms.⠀
You hold the key to your kid’s experiences. You also hold the key to yours. Turn it.⠀

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