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What does grace look like?

What does grace look like?

May 31, 2023

When we see someone who “has it all together”, and “really has it going for them” it’s tempting to think that they are always that way. Fix the impression as an ongoing way of being, then compare yourself to that.

You won’t win.

Life is not always easy. As much as it can be so sweet. But boy, don’t we all struggle and wish we had it better sometimes?
Life is not always easy. And I don’t always feel great about myself, my life or my business.

When I speak at an event, I am fascinated by the admiration brought to me: how do you do it? You’re so positive, you run a business, you’ve authored these books and all that with kids with life-threatening health conditions? Creating miracles of life and staying alive? You’re smiling, you look so well... How?

I love this. Because I don’t know either! It’s only when I’m stringing it all together that I can see how much I have actually accomplished. How I am even making an impact.

Because my day-to-day doesn’t always feel that way.

I cry, I shout, I sob. Sometimes it’s all too much. And I smile and laugh and sing. Because when I allow myself to be that human, the experiences move through me and allow for the space where joy and happiness are born. Again and again.

When you see the swan elegantly gliding along the lake…it’s not pretending. It’s not trying to mislead us. It is actually graceful. That is what grace looks like. And that does not take away from the pedalling work underneath the surface.

It’s just that we tend not to look at that.

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