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This is my album “who’s your Diva?!”

Jul 21, 2022

I love the music still and you can listen on Spotify or iTunes - look for Diva Eve. But you probably won’t listen on CD. Which is why still had 100 discs on a big box cluttering my living room. I couldn’t throw them away! 😱It’s me on the cover! 🤩

This week I did it. I let go of them. Except for a handful and not before making a cool picture.😌

It took facing a serious amount of resistance. It took deep breathing. Who said letting go was easy?
Well, I’m proud of myself. Abd the space I created. I didn’t lose anything. The music is still here. Just the discs are gone. But I paid for them, making them was a labor of love. And- breathe, let it go.
What are you holding on to because it took so much to get it but you’d be better off without?

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