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The importance of finding pleasure to fuel your effective business building

Jun 10, 2022

When I spoke at the #HerStoryConference earlier in the year I couldn't resist this epic photo opportunity in the Manor gardens.

I spoke about the importance of finding pleasure to fuel your effective business building. I notice that many women are exhausted and tired of trying to frantically catch up with life when really what we want is to LIVE it.

The idea for most is to make your success and THEN enjoy it. But most never get "there". What if you could build your business with and from pleasure so that it nurtures you on the way? Generate the energy you are looking for and walk into your work refreshed, with purpose.

I often get asked how "I do it". With 2 medically challenged kids (to put it mildly), a single mother, running a mini-hospital from home in London. "Why are you smiling and where do you find the time to look after yourself?" The answer...I live from and with pleasure. That is how I'm building myself, my life and my business.

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