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FLOP: Fear of limiting possibility


Apr 18, 2023

Forget FOMO. Do you know every creative’s anxiety: FOLP!

(and yes I coin this phrase so quote me on it!)

The place where everything is possible feels like home to you. Dreamland. Imagination. Ideas world.

When people ask “what do you do exactly?” you feel irritated or stunned. It’s so hard to describe in words! “Well, what do you want to do?”

Even harder.

Because your articulation doesn’t match your capacity of perception. You see and feel and understand so much more than you are able to verbalise.
It’s frustrating to not be able so really say what we want and to feel inadequate when we do.

If you are at home in the land of possibility, you’ll know that anything you say is already a few degrees removed from that possibility and truth already. In other words, limitation occurs just from talking about it! And that fills you with dread. What if you end up creating the limited version of what you wanted? Isn’t it better just not to say it at all and let things unfold?

it keeps the mystery alive. And mystery feels somewhat safer than being exposed to and held accountable to things we said that might change. Mystery has so much more permission.
It’s also a great avoidance strategy.

Dreamers refuse to engage with this limitation and retrieve to the invisible realms of the possible.
Creators play with the limitation.

Let’s fall in love with that limitation just like we adore babies and their limitations.

Limitation isn’t our problem. Let it be just a thing we play with and laugh about.

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