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The BEST and the BEAST (PART 2)

Sep 15, 2022

However, the BEAST cannot be denied. I know many of us have met our out-of-control-sides more than we may feel comfortable to admit.
In my horror I reached out for support
I thought that the Beast should be beaten never to return- but I found instead that the deepening of honesty to myself and my children has expanded my understanding of what real, and amazing and parenting ACTUALLY is.

I’ve been seen to be calm and resilient but behind the doors I can assure you, she was also volcanic. Mental hot Ash clouds included. Oh- and the floor is lava!

As I’ve gone through the cycles of “what’s wrong with me?” enough times, I’ve now come out the other end understanding that there is in fact NOTHING wrong with me or anything else for that matter.

We can expand our capacity and we can adjust behaviours to an extent. I'm on it! But at the end of the day your kids will learn that life and behaviours are not always optimal. And THAT is real.

Openly speaking about this and demonstrating makes all the difference.
We don’t let the Beast be the only voice in the room. But neither do we deny her existence.

Are we willing to be less bothered about getting it right?
(Newsflash- there might not even be a ‘right’)

Limitations can set you free. We know this from the world of Bondage whereby a tight structure can set your experience free-let’s say to feel deeply sexually turned on -especially when we don’t really allow ourselves to be that dark and naughty- get tied up, have no choice and voila! “it wasn’t me”

Limitations are the ground for inspirational stories: It’s always a limiting circumstance that propels our creativity and will to change…
And now we find ourselves in a time where our lives have been limited…
So I’m getting really curious about that…

could you give yourself permission to really take the gifts this time has provided for you and receive them fully?

From the Beauty and the Beast.

Who dares to share?

Ps: just in case this isn’t clear: there are lines that must never be crossed. Violence is not ok!
If you find your behaviour out of control harming the rights of others to safety get help immediately and do not justify with “we all have a dark side”

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