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Sometimes we need the darkness to see our light shine - Evelyne Brink

Sometimes we need the darkness to see our light shine

Aug 17, 2022

Dark times are often undervalued. Most try to avoid them. But there is power and great magic in the darkness for those who dare to see where the eyes can’t go.

In the little Prince (Antoine de St. Exupéry) we learn that we only see well with our hearts. The important things are invisible to the eyes.

I’m lying in bed resting up and remember how I’ve often created successes in times of crisis. Last year my business did 6 figures in 4 months (from almost 0 at that time - long story), in 2008, I raised 25k to take my one woman show “Almost like. Virgin. The real life of a fake Madonna” to the prestigious Edinburg festival. Who gives money to the arts in the year of the financial crisis?!

Performing my one woman show with a great team and fab costume and set design is really an artistic pinnacle many would only dream about.

In times of utter darkness and loneliness we have visions of a great life but often we dismiss them as impossible.

But they are actually your greatness waving 👋 at your saying hello! I’m here waving possibility at you.

I love liberating leaders from the limited thinking we have been conditioned in. When the most empowered amongst us find more expansion, flow and that feeling of living your life more after speaking with me.

I feel urged to day something humble now. Because I should. Something like “it’s not about me, it’s all in you”

Let me resist that urge. It’s bullshit.

Fact is I am very good at liberating and expanding your vision, possibility and pleasure. The results of that are prolific: 6 figure record deals, TV contracts, clients,10xing rates and getting clients on that, quitting jobs, building relationships-

I don’t have a formula. I am not a marketing expert.
I don’t do one size fits all strategy.

But I can see with more than my eyes. I’ve been to depths at the brink of exhaustion, and heights of orgasmic birthing (you read that right) I’ve cried the tears of desperation and joy.

I know that darkness isn’t the enemy.
It is in the darkness that you can see your light shine.

Then take this light and bring it to your world, light up the place. We all need it.

With Love,
Evelyne 💕

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