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Remember how good it is to be reckless?

Remember how good it is to be reckless?

Feb 23, 2023

In the week, in your daytime consciousness, you’re not supposed to be messy.

What about those passionate love-making scenes where he clears the desk with one swipe -In the heat of the moment, forgetting about our uptight orderly ways and just recklessly, passionately throw over the old world order…HOT.

Fuck who wouldn’t want that? The PA who has to clean it - that’s right.

Don’t you remember how good it feels to be reckless? Careless and just unapologetically messy.

I can feel the desire, the urge, the relief of things falling apart. I know I shouldn’t say this. This is not what’s supposed to be said. But actually, I am enjoying some of the destruction.

There is never time or space for destruction anymore.

In Greek tradition, they break plates on a Friday night. Shattering porcelain everywhere. Oh, that feels good to break things that really shouldn’t be broken.

Destruction is part of creation, yet we have shunned it like the evil stepsister.

What if it was part of our process and allowed? Or what if the forbidden was enjoyed more freely…

Because we’re not used to allowing our mess, we might be secretly creating more- have you noticed it? The mess just never ends, the next thing keeps on coming…

I call it a passive-aggressive mess and secretly, I have a love affair with mess. She might not be accepted by society but she’s damn good at getting me passionate.

I‘m not saying this isn’t painful or that it's easy. No affair is. I’m married to the idea that being productive, organised and mature is the right thing to do…I’m breaking my vows of traditional serenity concepts.

Mess and destruction 2.0 is not totally unconscious anymore either. I can see what I am doing and I ease up on the resistance.

This is deep stuff. The territory most don’t dare to go into for fear of getting lost forever. And yet those of us who dare to be fully…are the adventurers that come home with the new maps of the territory.

Out of that mess emerges a truth of who I am, what this is about here and what I really stand for, want and ultimately can serve you with. How willing are you to feel into that side?

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