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Planning for non-planners

Planning for non-planners

Feb 27, 2023

If you are an inherently creative soul, you might not be into planning and goal setting. When the world goes nuts on new years intentions, you hear yourself say, "Maybe I need to be better at this, but I don't like looking too much into the future; I'm just sh*t at commitment."

Or you might have realised that you die a little death when you put things on paper as dragging ideas from the realm of thought and possibility into words on paper takes them from the abstract into the construct. And that is one degree removed from the creative source.

Some of us are most alive in the land of possibility. Letting ideas and creations unfold guided through waves of inspiration, collective or singular, carried forth by collaborative creative thinking and doing is a challenging yet satisfying process.

It's not what they teach us in school, but it is what our greatest artists, innovators and geniuses are DEEPLY familiar with.
Many roads lead to the Rome of your inspiration, and many have tried to prescribe the best ways. I help my clients identify their personal roads and pathways and the ways they best travel on them.

Artistic Humans need mystery, surprise, and not knowing as part of creative development. Planning takes some of that away, which is why we don't tend to like it!

Business by Pleasure style planning is NOT about saying, " I will achieve my million$ production by November 22", but it is about putting in place the conditions that make that likely to happen in a way that is alive, juicy and turned on FOR YOU.

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Let's get real clarity on your genius and your unique pathway to the year and life you desire.

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