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Open the window of opportunity

Open the window of opportunity

Apr 10, 2023

"I have to maximise the window of opportunity," my client told me. I know the feeling. We finally get that magical attention in the marketplace, and we want to make hay while the sun shines. Make the most of it.

When the window of opportunity opens, what do you do? It's easy to get into an energy of rushing, exasperation...

But we want to strike while the iron is hot!! This window of opportunity is a concept from the world of limitation...

Can a window of opportunity trap your fingers inside?

We can get really rushed when we feel that there is only a limited amount of time for us to do the thing.

And it's easy to miss the purpose of the window: To let in the fresh breeze.

What if you could allow yourself to breathe in the sweet smell of success? "What?! No!! I have to act! Act! Act fast!"

Stay with me... If you see it only open for a little bit, this window of opportunity, how about we open it further? Open it all up and expand the breeze!

In business, how do we do that?
💚 breathe deeply
💚 make meaningful connections
💚 pray
💚 trust
💚 remember that what is meant for you will be yours, and don't be too shy to ask!

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