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NEW Episode of Change Maker’s Mind Podcast

NEW Episode of Change Maker’s Mind Podcast

Aug 03, 2022

🔆 Episode 78: How to be yourself when everyone is watching | Creating True Impact with Evelyne Brink 🔆

Do you feel there is a gap between how you are in person and how you are perceived by others? Do you feel like an impostor and that your voice is not heard? Do you struggle with public speaking? Do you want to have a bigger impact? Do you want to serve at a higher scale, and share your valuable gifts?
Then you want to listen to my guest today, (@evelynebrink ) Evelyne Brink, an amazing human being that has made wild things happen in herself, like becoming the Number One impersonator of Madonna in the UK, singing, dancing, and acting, even though she was told as a kid that she had a broken voice and some teachers didn't even want to train her. And she has also helped others create the impossible.
In this episode, we talk about Leaderhip, Impact, how to be ambitious without burning out, how to connect with the wisdom of your body, the impostor syndrome, the usefulness of being selfish, confidence and so much more!!

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