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LOW ON CAPACITY? - you're gonna want to read this.


Feb 22, 2023

In the personal development and entrepreneurial growth space, you get exposed to many positive vibes. And that's lovely... until you are fed up with it.⠀

When things aren't working sometimes implementing good ideas becomes hard. Everything seems like "too much work". Do you sometimes wonder… What's wrong with me?⠀

If you do, you're not alone. The most intelligent, educated, confident people have been heard asking this. There is nothing wrong with you. You have simply reached capacity.⠀

Each person has a different point where capacity is reached. My clients often seem to be limitless - They can do a lot and so they tend to... and then some.⠀

Does it always feel easy? NO! ⠀

Have you noticed what it feels like when your world is coming down on you? When every idea becomes a hassle to think through and already feels like an obligation. I've had daydreams that I told to go away because they were too much of a potential frustration.⠀

That's what it feels like when you are overcapacity. You simply can't give a damn about anything and anyone anymore and want everyone to go away... especially those happy successful types with their fantasy thinking.⠀

No, you're not a selfish narcissist. You're a giver who has run out of capacity. This is not a time to make a map of your life vision and discuss your purpose on this planet. But it might feel like you really want to overhaul it all because "it's obviously not working."⠀

What do we need when we are over our limit? You need to know you are ok. You need grounded reflection.⠀
And it doesn't just revolve around big visions and plans and goals and dreams. Sometimes you just need THE small next step. Or a reminder to sit and breathe.⠀

When we don't have the capacity to think and the energy to create consciously - this is when chocolate becomes more inviting than blueberries. This is where we don't care so much about another minute on FB and then it turns into an hour... and we should have gone to bed.⠀

We've all been there before. Can you increase your capacity? Yes. It IS possible, but without pleasure, we run dry. Pleasure and capacity are a sacred partnership.

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