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CAPACITY - Let the dust in your mind  settle to reveal the colours of your heart. Fill up with pleasure ~Evelyne Brink


May 31, 2022

Without it, you'll burn out.
Without it, you'll run dry.
Without it, you'll go crazy.
And so would I.

It's all about CAPACITY.

That which I see some of us are beginning to run out of. Because when we're cramped inside, going nuts, nowhere to let off the steam, it's all too much. We need a break. We need a rest. But where to go, who to turn to?


The Art of rebuilding yourself. Your sovereignty. Your sense of self-love, deserving and ability to be holding your own.

All these inspirational ideas they throw at you. All those ideas you may have yourself. From eating healthily to working out more, from going to bed early to capping your phone addiction. If you find you are full of ideas but can't actually act on them- that's because you don't have enough capacity. Your batteries of personal power are low.

And without that you simply can't make it happen. As much as you'd like to.

So the ONLY important next step becomes to BUILD CAPACITY. And how do you do THAT?

By adding pleasure. Deliberately add pleasure to your life. Do what you love. If you've forgotten, sit. Sit or lie down and let the dust of the mind settle to reveal the colours of your heart.

For me this could look like this:

Calling my family
Playing piano
Doing NADA
Having a bath in the middle of the day
Reading a non personal development book. Like, know..just for pleasure kind of reading..OMG.
Giving myself the fairy tale bathroom experience with a face mask!

Building CAPACITY is giving yourself the attention and love you crave. When you're low you want it from others.
When you see clearly you can see you go first.
Others might follow suit.

On that note. I'm off 👋🏻

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