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I love perfectionists.

Jul 11, 2022

I love perfectionists. Stop making yourself feel bad for being amazing. Please!
I adore Hyper-achievers.
Ultra high performers.
Those who simply cannot be ok but need to master, conquer, excel.
Women and men who will not stop before they fulfilled their mission. You must live up to your potential. The idea of not doing so costs you endless hours of sleep and anxiety.

I get you!
Because you are here to impact, change the world, transform lives. It matters. Big time.
You have more passion than some volcanos and more drive than a Porsche.

Those are people who benefit from working with me because they are willing to grow beyond the familiar, designed to challenge themselves and open to the nuance and the finesse that is essential in my presence.

And they get that the humour I bring is not a surface joy, it’s designed to facilitate to penetrate their psyche so they absorb the next level of truth. Humour is liberation.

When I have people who ‘just’ want to get clients, ‘just’ need better marketing, sure, they will also get a ton of value because that’s a natural by-product of high-quality work but they miss out on the depth of the experience available.

I take my clients on transformative journeys into their deepest expression.
You can achieve results any day. But ‘holy shit I didn’t know that was in me’ or ‘yes I knew I had this inside me but I didn’t know how to get it out’ is not an everyday occurrence.

We create special moments in our exploration of the crevasses of your soul.

You can talk about presence and power until the cows come home.
I will drop you into what it is to be YOU.
I will not stop until we feel you fully.
You might not like it. But when you get it, you will love it with all you heart.
Because it is your heart. It is the untouchable made palpable.
It is your light brought to visibility.
And it is action driven by desire. Business fuelled with Pleasure.

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