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I am fierce grace. I am badass. I am my own hero.

May 19, 2023

My grandma survived Auschwitz.

She was known to be calm and collected in the hardest of circumstances. She had it together when everyone and everything was falling apart.

That is something I have had the opportunity to practice too. In a prison cell. In a hospital. On a mountain with my man deteriorating in front of my eyes. And then growing my business whilst being a lactating mother going through a divorce and taking on big financial responsibility.

I am fierce grace. I am badass. I am my own hero.

I want to let you in: being great is often compensation for one’s insecurity and I am no exception. Being a hero is cool and it’s a great makeover for not feeling good enough just as a person in the world.

Let’s be clear: I am messy. I can freak people out with how messy I can be. I am sorted. I am strong. I am weak. I fall apart. I might go crazy, that’s because I am sane. I believe to really have it together you must be willing and well-versed at falling apart and letting go.

If you dare, let yourself be human. Even More human. Know that your mess, no matter how messy, is just temporary and not half as real as it feels. Your ugly cry is not that ugly. It only makes you more beautiful to me.

Your weakness holds the seeds of your greatest strengths.

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