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Focus is great for a short time but it won't expand your mind - Evelyne Brink

Focus is great for a short time but it won't expand your mind

Aug 05, 2022

Everyone talks about being focussed and needing more. Really what you are looking for is direction.
Focus jeans zooming in one one thing. That’s cool and useful at times. But also massively overrated because it narrows your view, possibilities and limitlessness. Abd then you wonder “where ha my sense of possibility and my vision gone?”
What most are trying to avoid by focussing is the distraction from what is truly important to you. You don’t want to feel you’re missing the point. I get it. (What the point is is another hot topic for me 🔥)

So... you don’t need to focus on as much as you may benefit from a beautiful orientation. You don’t need to be kept on the “straight and narrow”- that’s old school. What we want is way more enjoyable. How about a pleasure directive?

I created a pleasure directive- a sort of modern manifesto for the beautiful soul that you are- link below - If you’d like to receive it. 

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