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Business Warfare Uncovered!

Business Warfare Uncovered!

Apr 17, 2023

Sustainable business relations work because they are relationships. With people. And that’s fab because you’re a people person. And it’s so challenging because people can be so complicated. And you are a little complex too, let’s be honest.

We all have an agenda in business. We want to create more work. More profit. More connection. We want something. Have you heard of unconditional business? Me neither.

It gets tricky the more uncomfortable you are with not getting what you want. Or with feeling rejected. When you feel personally affected.

That’s why you may be using clever strategies that avoid you feeling insecure.
You too might be using defence strategies or maybe even offense strategies and turn a working relationship into strategic undercover warfare.

My favourite business war strategies are:

Chameleon adaptation: I fit into any opportunity! You name it, I’m one of you. I play your game: I suss out your map of the world and communicate within that to create rapport.

The Away game: I adapt to your customs and ways of being because I’m in “your territory” – especially when travelling physically and I might even self-abandon my principles and insights. It’s a self-sacrificial way of being in order to create connection.

The yes game: I say yes to your suggestions to make you feel safe because if you’re appeased, I feel safe. I might drink with you, smoke with you, say yes to the thing that really isn’t my thing so we can feel ok.

None of these methods are wrong or bad. But they aren't exactly 100% true to self. True to self would be to accept another custom and stick to one's own principle or feel free to disagree politely or simply say - that's not for me.

Here is the good news: business doesn’t have to be warfare.
Allow yourself to be ok with the discomfort of not knowing. Rejection is what it is, No is a no and not everything works out.

I help my clients really rock their businesses when they grow to be fully themselves.
My clients really amp up on self-trust and being ok in reality. It also allows them to find their feet on the ground when they want to walk and to spread their wings freely when it’s time to fly.

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