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BEST in the world BINGO

BEST in the world BINGO

Feb 10, 2023

Hello High-achiever. I love your determination and drive. Let's take over the world. You are light and love and raw ambition with a great heart. Let's freaking have it all!⠀

And let's track our success, shall we? Why don't we play our 'best in the world Bingo'? Given that we want to be in the top 1%. We are playing at a world-class level, after all. ⠀

BE THE BEST in the world. Have the BEST.⠀
Let's look at what it takes to really win this thing called life. Fucking win it! No holds barred!⠀

*this is tongue in cheek, ok?!*⠀

I have created a stylishly designed Bingo sheet for our Best in the world bingo. ⠀
Let's see who gets to shout out "Bingo!" first. ⠀

☑️ Big house⠀
☑️ Fancy car⠀
☑️ TED talk (I had my first TEDx a few weeks ago, link in bio na na na na boo boo)⠀
☑️ Media appearances⠀
☑️ Netflix deal⠀
☑️ Times bestseller list publication⠀
☑️ Oprah interview⠀

Here's the thing, dear incredible powerhouse of a human being. ⠀
I know we look down on the little old dears playing in the bingo halls.⠀
But we are doing the same darn thing, just thinking we are cool. Running after every achievement to tick off, although of course, we don't run, we use power moves. We are Badasses. We're still going to have some flab when we wave our arms around. And who cares anyway.⠀

At least they play TOGETHER in the Bingo hall. Where we often play alone. How about a more connected fun time in 2023?⠀

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