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Why we don’t like lives and why we can’t get enough of them 📲

Jun 17, 2022

Are you prepared to spread your message live? It looks like a good opportunity but is it?

Video is powerful. This comes with added pressure: You better be good and know what to say. Oh and how to say it. And comb your hair if you’ve got some.

Dress up. Makeup. Lights. It takes a lot to look good on camera. Don’t judge a book by the cover but most of us judge a video from the person on it!

"Uhm I'm just waiting for people to come on. err yeah hi! how are you?" And I'm off. Bye!

And on the other end- too much content overwhelms. And I'm off.

We get glued to the live because it’s unpredictable and we know the person behind the camera is under real pressure. My expectation is on you and you know it, now what are you going to do? I am hooked.

If you are too polished, it’s boring.
If you are too amateurish, it’s awful.

Gather your points, create real content, bring your humanity and dare to mess up. Live. THAT creates connection. You need to find that middle spot between giving me relevant content and allowing us to see the person you are.

What do you love and hate about lives?

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