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Mar 03, 2023

Oh wow, you’re such an extrovert! Well, I spend most of my time on my own.⠀
I love my space. I also cram that up quickly because chaotic feels like home even though I desperately desire more spaciousness.⠀
If I really loved space, wouldn’t I MAKE space?⠀
Answer: not necessarily.⠀

I am a cheerleader of greatness by day and can be judgemental too.⠀
Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t you know so much better?⠀
Turns out, as much as I stand in the light, I too cast a shadow.⠀
Can someone help you be less human and more enlightened? ⠀
Well, I didn’t come here to be pure light. I came to experience human hood. Knowing that I am pure light!⠀
Most teachings say to stop judging.⠀
Stop self-sabotaging.⠀
Move away from all the undesired emotions.⠀
I am seeing that this is a waste of your good time.⠀

Moving away from the undesired emotions only brings it closer to you. Like magic, we tend to get what we try to run away from.⠀
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get married or have kids or even just a life and you’ll find out quickly.⠀

You want less stress, but you’re often in a rush. You want to be calmer and things really drive you crazy.⠀
It’s so easy to sell humans the idea of being better self-improved humans.⠀
The only thing that was ever wrong is the idea that something is fundamentally wrong with you. What if you were ‘right’ and ok just as you are?⠀

We are funky creatures. Full of controversy, colour and complexity. And also quite simple in some ways.

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