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Mar 06, 2023

My client just filmed the latest Gucci ad. His confidence is high. I just gave my TEDx talk and enjoyed the feedback. My confidence is high.

You got a new opportunity on the horizon and your confidence is high.

Now is the time to strike. Create more opportunities. Make demands, assert yourself in the world. Before… before..what? your confidence runs out again.

How long does it last? Mine is usually 1 week then I’ve moved on.

Who knew that confidence is so short-lived? And your mind goes back to self-doubt or not feeling quite like the full jazz anymore which in turn affects your behaviour and action taking which in turn is said to determine what happens in your life.

My clients ask, "Help me keep my confidence!" With the way confidence works, this request is like holding on to a cloud.

Working with me takes a multi-layered approach because whilst I will shower you with arguments about why you are right to think highly of yourself, there is another important skill: Seeing what is.

The mind is funny…It likes to make you believe one thing one day and another the next. It can question facts, and take the nonsensical serious. My clients often have a very flexible mind that when put to good use can create pure artistic genius. But when it’s running rogue it can be highly destructive to the mind. It's like a toddler’s behaviour mid-tantrum.

If you didn’t know what a tantrum is, you’d go mental taking that behaviour at face value. Maybe even call an ambulance. That human on the floor is seriously disturbed! It sounds like it’s really hurting.

If you knew what a tantrum is, you might still not enjoy it but you can handle that erratic behaviour differently.

Learn to work with your unique mind and stop putting an expiry date on feeling good about yourself. You deserve better than that.

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