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When opportunities strike, don't leave yourself behind.

When opportunities strike, don't leave yourself behind.

Mar 02, 2023

Do you have “so much going on” you have no time to read this? Take a few mins to open your mind to a new possibility…

Traditionally we are taught to deal with overwhelm by doubling down:
Head down, focus, get on with it.
Don’t stop till its’ all ticked off the list.
Become more productive and efficient! 🙄

There is only one little big problem with this as a highly gifted human: This is painfully crushing for your spirit.
It’s the equivalent of shrinking your energy. Sacrificing your soul in order to function. Locking yourself up. This can border on spiritual corruption.
Wait! What? Why?!
Because you’re using a retrieving strategy to move forward. See the paradox?

You - who loves to be creative, wild and free. Suddenly caged in by commitment and conforming to ‘the way it is.' No wonder success is so fluctuating. Who wants to live like that?
There is another way to be with ‘a lot’.
A less reductive method. Highly effective…
Fancy going expansive on this? Rather than focusing and keeping and working things ‘off your plate’, you could EXPAND your capacity.
When we have too much on our plate why not just take a bigger plate? A gorgeous platter even?
"I’ve got too much on..." I’ve heard it as a reason for postponing the start of a coaching container.
Or not doing the practices that help you keep inspired and sane. Or both.
When the Dalai Lama is busy, he doubles his time in meditation. His assistant once famously said, “but you are already booked out why do even more meditation?” He said, “exactly because of that”.
My clients don’t need to break down with overwhelm or shut off to the world anymore as they relax into more capacity with ease.

When you are busy, do not leave yourself behind. Because life is testing you here. Are you self-sacrificing for your success or do you let opportunity support YOU? It's all about saying yes to YOU. Especially when you are busy.
If you are so successful, but can’t really feel the freedom that was meant to bring for you - it’s time to up-level. You deserve so much better than that. You know where to find me.

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