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Unveiling the New Silence: The Call to Roar for Women's Rights

May 17, 2024

They said the fight for women's rights is old news. Be thankful, they said, and just think positive. But behind the scenes, nothing's really even.

We've got a new silence, and it's our own.

We're told we've come far enough, but look around.

Pay checks are still smaller for women- pay gap is at 14.3% on average.
If the Menopause was a male issue, we'd all be on free HRT for a long time.

School, doctors, hospital always call mum to pick up the kids.
I had 27 emails and 4 calls on Monday alone. I said "speak to DAD!"

This costs us – in time, focus, and career opportunities, and cash.
Car insurance after divorce is outrageous. He keeps the points. It was his.
Credit score? Well if the mortgage was in his name, you're starting from scratch.
Renting? You need a proof of income and you had none because you had a baby. Booo you.

So no, feminism isn't out of style. It's beyond style. We need to wake up to what it actually is.
Burning Bras was an impactful act of rebellion in 1968, it's not an initiation ceremony nor the definition of a movement that aims to make the world a better place.

Equality isn't something we should quietly wish for – it's something we've got to demand loudly. Being positive is good, but not when it keeps us quiet about what's not right.
Stand up. Speak out. Let's make some noise, together.

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