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This New moon is about worthiness, stability and money

Sep 09, 2022

This New moon is about worthiness, stability and money and those are exactly the topics my clients have brought this week!

What an honour to be trusted with such important conversations.

Worthiness- to feel worthy and deserving we often think we need to make big leaps and bounds so we can feel on top of the world but actually it's the small incremental steps of backing yourself, of saying yes to you, of giving yourself the support you need and desire that makes the biggest difference.

The medicine for unworthiness and feeling underserving is not a bigger car, more achievements or more logical reasoning of why you're great. It's cultivating trust.

Funny enough this blends into beautifully with healthy money habits which lead to feeling more stability.

Shifting from feeling anxious and uneasy within yourself to choosing trust and taking small steps that say 'yes' to YOU, is the key to HUGE transformation into more abundance, joy, ease, the whole SHE-BANG!

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