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The need to feel special is an inverted fear of insignificance.

The need to feel special is an inverted fear of insignificance.

Mar 07, 2023

If you have a need to feel special…⠀
I hear you. I see you. I feel you. (me too!)

The thing you won’t like is to be ‘boxed’. If we can label you, you’re not THAT special.

And YOU are a category of 1. Nobody is like you.⠀

Why do we have that intense need of feeling special?⠀
It is to some degree an inverted fear of feeling insignificant.

Your hidden fear of insignificance is driving you to do great things. No doubt. So we could say that’s a positive thing!⠀

Except you’re driven from fear, not love.⠀

And that means it is accompanied by the fear to get it wrong because that could prove that you’re not that special after all.⠀

If you are insignificant. That’s the worst. So now, what do we do?⠀

Well, as @mariannewilliamson wrote so beautifully in “A return to love”. You either live from love or from fear.⠀

Choose love and enjoy being quirky, gifted and a bit of a character.⠀
You’re special and you’re not - both are true. And if you can love being as special as you are in that insignificant kind of way of being that little dot in the universe- you’ll have more fun.⠀

We don’t have to be special to find meaning and pleasure in life.⠀
And we get to be special, make things special and enjoy just how special and miraculous it all is.⠀

If fear can be used as the guidance to our growth, then pleasure is the fruit thereof. Sweet.

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