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Personal Power 🔋 is the ability to actually follow through on what you set out to do.

Jun 14, 2022

You might know the feeling of having great ideas and getting very excited about them but then when it comes to implementation or execution, the energy falls flat. And other times, it’s effortless. You know what it feels like when you push yourself through to get things on your list done. But really you’re dragging your feet along the way and nothing cool gets created. You tend to stick to the simple tasks because your energy is too low. You know you have tools to motivate yourself but you don’t have the energy to use them.


You only have as much follow through as you have charge on your battery of personal power. So how to you charge it?

Here’s how: When you’re run out, run down, spent- you’re on red. Only rest will help. Once you’re a bit rested your battery is red, maybe verging on yellow. To charge from here you need to chill. Take baths, walks, read a book, listen to music, drink a glass of wine, watch a show, burn candles and write your diary. Relax and self-nurture.

After the charge goes up further you’ll want to level up with fun. In my world that would be going out to the theatre, movie, comedy. Stand up is prescription medicine in my world and you might have a different variety of fun. It might be harder to do those things in the current climate, but find a way to access them from home.

From here you’ll want to introduce physical activity to charge your personal power. You don’t have to become an athlete but a lot of strength and endurance is needed in business so you might as well…

And when you’re in green you will WANT to take action. It’s just how you roll when you’re charged. And one step up from that is inspired action, where making things happen is a natural extension of you, it’s just what you do, it flows through you. It feels so effortless and joyful if you are loving it.

Your battery levels are changing. You can charge at any time. And I know life situations can drain the battery quickly - your personal power is affected by emotional and hormonal temperatures. So don't let yourself go into the red 🌡

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