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Love yourself out of the pain

May 11, 2023

WE are way too tough on ourselves.
I wave my flag for the team that sees that self-defeating pain isn't the best way to change.

The premise that you are essentially somewhat bad and need to be overcome to get to the good stuff is old and painful.

I can eat well and stay off Netflix so much better when I’ve had enough sleep, and when I’ve been kind to myself. On a day on which I’ve reprimanded myself for not making enough money or not doing enough or losing my shit with the kids- that’s when I “need” to take a break. And I tend not to go to the bathtub. I watch Netflix. Or eat chocolate.

To build positive structures in your life, you’ll be sweating.
Look at exercise. It’s not pleasant to work through the muscle pain, but that’s how you sculpt those sexy abs!

So, comfort and well-being are 2 different things.

Go for well-being. Let that be your mantra.
And give yourself some breaks.

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