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Evelyne, will you hold me accountable?

May 09, 2023

My client asked me: “Will you hold me accountable? It just works so well when someone holds me to what I say. And it helps me do what I said I would.”
A friend told me: “You can’t say no to your client, or you lose them. Your client is your boss. They want something, you do it.”

I said No.
You deserve so much more than that.

Successful leaders often pride themselves on delivering on what they said they would. Hiring a coach does not equate to outsourcing that skill.

I will witness you.

I know you are a wo/man of your word and if you say you want to do something you will most likely do it.
If your action taking becomes ‘for me’ because you ‘promised me’ rather than yourself, you are diminishing your power.

If you haven’t done what you set out, I’d rather check in with your wisdom and desire and find out what exactly you need and really want.

We want to cultivate your action taking from a place of desire, not obligation.
That is the shift.
Business by Pleasure works on the premise that we fuel from our extreme well-being.
I know that it’s easier to achieve when someone sees you. I know the feeling that it counts when someone else is involved, but let’s also cultivate the sacredness of the promise to self.

I hold a vision for you of your highest evolution, your deeper purpose, and your most expressed self. I see you as loving and perfectly human. I will help you see what you need to see to unfold yourself into your next levels of growth.

You are worth it.

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