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Charge Your Batteries

Mar 01, 2023

You got great ideas but somehow they don't come to fruition. Why is that?⠀

You might be low on personal power. ⠀
In order to create, manifest, attract, take action- do all the things necessary to bring an idea to life you need energy. I call this personal power. ⠀

And because you are a busy human doing lots of things sometimes your batteries run low. ⠀

You can go to 1000 personal growth seminars but if your own Personal power is low, you won't apply the information, you can't make things happen. ⠀
How do you charge up? This model shows you the stages of your inner batteries. ⠀

It's easy to charge. We don't discuss how to charge our phones. We can, but it won't do much. We plug them in and leave them alone. Turn off some of the applications, which helps charge faster. ⠀

Unplugging from your business and resting is a great charging but for us, there are more options. However, just like your phone- you have to do it. No matter how many great ways there are to charge, if you don't apply them they won't work. ⠀

So here they are: ⠀
If you are in green, you are able and motivated to take inspired action. It's natural. Nobody with full inner batteries needs much convincing to do the thing they live and breathe for!⠀
Green is also simply action- natural action. You have an idea, you do it- boom. ⠀
Just underneath sits physical activity. Have you noticed that you need a certain amount of energy to go to the gym willingly?⠀

When you run a little lower, taking action for business is harder but you can have fun and you can relax.⠀

When you are in red, there is nothing left. You need rest. It's not a problem when you rest and recharge.⠀

But if you keep ignoring it, your system runs on battery saving mode until it literally crashes and mind and body suffer as a result. Mental health challenges arise and boom you're taken out of the game to reset. Start again. ⠀

I use this model to make it very accessible just how important looking after your own battery is.⠀
Your phone doesn't run on empty why would you?⠀
You are much more complex.⠀

Use this to check quickly - where am I right now and what do I need to do to adjust?

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