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Video is consumer's most popular content. How much money, opportunity and growth are you leaving on the table by not creating effective intellectual property on video?


Who is it for?

Video Impact is a coaching program and training for CEOs, people facing exectuives/managers and business owners who are ready to scale, pivot or evolve through digital leadership. 












Why now?

Research shows that 80% of downloaded content will be video by 2022. 93% of brands get new clients from video marketing. Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine and it's owned by google. Most business proceedings, networking, events are now on video due to the pandemic. Can you afford not to communicate masterfully via video?
It's now o' clock for video leadership.







Can I really learn to do video?

The 'talent' you see out there has been trained. You learned your profession. Speaking powerfully is a profession and speaking on camera is public speaking 2.0. So yes, It's trainable. To think that we shouldn't learn about it when we are all relying on it now is absurd!

Great messages are crafted. Speeches often written by professional writers. Great presentations are rehearsed and natural presenting is learned. I will teach you drawing on decades of international experience from the worlds of theatre, TV, stand up comedy, one woman shows and coaching. We also have a team of professionals to support you with writing/filming/speaking/performing

Consultation requests doubled from video!

Being trained by Evelyne makes a world of difference. Evelyne is up with the best coaches in the world!
My videos weren't landing. After I've taken this course, I have a clear authentic message. I have doubled engagements  and booked more calls on my videos. 

Lynn MacDonald, 
founder "Mission Possible"

As a result of the coaching I now speak into the camera and interview leaders with ease and confidence.

Evelyne is way more than a video leadership coach, she creates the best version of yourself. 
I recommend you to work with Evelyne because she takes you to unknown crevasses of your soul and inner work.

Mario Haneca,
founder "Mind Transformers"

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Let's find out how Digital Leadership coaching will benefit you and your company. We offer bespoke training and the acclaimed "Video Impact Course" to uplevel and evolve your leadership on camera. Find out how:

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This Course is a Business Booster

Video Impact works for me on and off camera...


Video Impact. Master your Digital Leadership

Be your best self on camera. Discover what our 12 week program can do for you.

Confidence comes from Competence

Learn to settle your nervous system when speaking to camera. 
Understand the secrets of calm, focussed and natural performance...

Making EFFECTIVE videos

Cut through the noise with effective scripts that engage your audience and turn viewers into clients, clients into happy customers and supporters into raving fans. 

Become a "natural"

Discover the secrets of professional actors that enable you to find freedom in the moment and express authentically to a camera.



Creating Prepared Videos

Marketing videos need deliberate preparation. Learn to craft compelling value adding content that establishes you as the go-to authority in your niche

Leading on Camera

Digital Leadership is more than holding a camera to your face. Develop your emotional instrument and communication skills to captivate your audience and instigate deep change. 

The Language of Leadership

Powerful storytelling, deliberate languaging, no erm and uhms, knowing how to present yourself professionally whilst becoming deeply relatable.

It was so much fun!

Jo Turner, the Physio Coach


I learned how to shine on video and how to bring energy to my videos 

Nicole Posner 

I often felt inauthentic...

Nnenna Onuba, Founder of LBB skin care discovered 'natural performance' 


Your Business needs You

Are you a high-level​ leader, yet you struggle to come across powerfully on video?

if you want to lead in this time, you need to ​ influence, impact and inspire through the camera.

Be seen. Be felt. Be understood.

Research suggests that 80% of content will be video by 2022. How much profit, opportunity and growth are you leaving on the table by not creating effective video IP?

My name is Evelyne Brink I have been an expert in expression and connection for my entire career.
I got first paid to act at 5, have 5 published CDs out(i.e. Sony Music) and became most known as Europe’s Nr. 1 Madonna impersonator as seen on TV travelling the globe mimicking the Queen of Pop. 
I know what it means to connect to the star quality inside of us.
For the past 20 years, I’ve been coaching pop stars, leaders at UK's top TV stations stations and CEOs to create more impact, income and deeper expression through their work. 
I am still connecting to the true star quality inside of us.

The 3 Top Communications problems faced by high level leaders:

1) Speaking to a camera is not the same as connecting via video

If you're speaking but your audience doesn't feel connected with you – it will only add to the noise online and miss out on the opportunities effective videos offer.

2) A great message isn't the same as powerfuly moving people to action.
If you have a powerful message but people don't feel you in it– you'll struggle to sell, keep people's attention and be effective in the new age of remote leadership.

3) Your voice is as unique as your mission
Every leader has a unique voice that they need to understand to 10X their impact and influence.


About our team:

Evelyne Brink is the founder of Brink Coaching, head coach of Video Impact.
She has been an expert She was first paid for TV acting at the age of 5, was cast at the national theatre at 13 and has been performing, producing and writing shows globally. Who knew you could become a model at 5'3? Her nomination as 'Europe's Nr.1 Madonna impersonator' had her on magazine covers, radio and Tv.  She's been a professional coach for 20 years working with artists and business leaders facilitating personal and business growth. Her books are found on Amazon and her plethora of material on social media platforms. 
Helping leaders to express themselves is not a job it's a passion. 

Daniel Kamen
is our director  of natural performance
28years experience on stage, TV and movie screens. The man is an actor who has never been a waiter!!
He is training our clients to sharpen their natural connection via the camera and bring scripts to life.

Garrison Cohen
the Expert's Secret Scribe
is a former TV producer and speech writer and linguistic unicorn who will help your message cut through the noise with the way he creates words that show off your expertise and position you perfectly to your ideal client.

He works on our team to provide powerful scripts that create effortless authority.

Karen Baker,
Coach to NFL stars, Multimillion Dollar Fundraiser

Evelyne is an experienced professional performer. Combine that with her vast experience as a coach, I felt her caring for me and curiosity around the message I wanted to deliver. When we started I was struggeling around confidence, presence and message.

Evelyne is a straight shooter. Her direct approach is softened by her genuine caring and humor and made me feel like I was a superstar and anything was possible.

When delivering my message I never expected my emotions to well up and pour out of me. Evelyne helped me to feel into my message and so I did. And so did the thousands of viewers.
Evelyne is the professional real deal who knows what it means to deeply feel into the work, message and delivery.

Alina Addison
Founder, Adaptaa

Before I worked with Evelyne, I was terrified of the camera. Early in 2020, I realized that sharing my expertise and my message in the new virtual world would become critical to my success. 

As a result of working with Evelyne, my confidence to speak to the camera increased exponentially and so did my views and engagement rates. (over 2000 views on the 1st video)

Evelyne turned a terrifying feeling into a fun and rewarding experience.  Her Video Impact and Video Mastery courses are great fun and full of practice and practical tips.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants to build a strong and confident presence in front of the video camera!  Thank you, Evelyne, for helping me overcome one of my biggest challenges ever

Marcus Cauchi, 
Chief Revenue Officer, Laughs Last Ltd

Evelyne is an outstanding video coach and director. She gets the very best out of you on camera. I've been working with her for a few months now and she's taught me how to get my voice right, project my personality, convey the essence of my message. On set she prepares you physically, mentally and vocally, organises your environment, raises the energy level and the results are dramatically better for her contribution. I can't praise her work highly enough. 

Georgie Dickins
Transformational Coach to Extraordinary Leaders & Ascending Stars

If you are looking to have gravitas, presence and to be truly engaging on camera, then Evelyne is a person you need in your world. It is not simply connecting to the camera, but connecting in a powerful, authentic way and delivering your message so it lands with impact. Many of my corporate exec clients have worked with Evelyne and the results speak for her brilliance.

Destin Gerek,
Founder of "The Evolved Masculine Path"

If the idea of doing videos fills you with dread and anxiety, you are not going to enjoy the process and are likely going to avoid it. Or you will be self-critical and likely to stop. Or- dive in with Evelyne and have a great time. I have done a lot of video work before and I'm not shy with a camera but Evelyne took me to the next level! (And we had such a good time)

Alison Garner
Business Coach, Aligned Coaching LLC

I had never done any video work before and I wanted a product I’d be proud on to put on my website. When I started working with Evelyne on my intro video I struggled with not knowing what to say and how to say it so that people would get drawn in. I find it hard to “perform” but Evelyne made me feel safe to try new things.  I now have a video that I’m proud of on my website. Evelyne is a brilliant and intuitive coach who makes you feel safe and has you be better as a result.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski
Founder of Circumplex Coaching

I chose to work with Evelyne because I value professionalism and Evelyne is a pro.

When we started, I was unclear about every aspect of shooting an intro video: my exact message, the structure and how to deliver it in a clear yet natural manner. 

I wasn’t expecting the process to be so much fun. Evelyne has a great sense of humour and because she is not afraid to be silly herself, she was able to draw out my inner goofball - which greatly helped my camera presence.

As a result, I now understand what differentiates a powerful video from a weak video, how to use my voice without it sounding flat and how to connect to the camera as if I was talking to a live person. 

Evelyne is straight talking yet compassionate. Her playfulness is contagious and when you work with her, time flies.  

With her vibrant and a contagious energy on and off camera, she makes getting coached on a topic you may find uncomfortable easy and playful.

Her extensive stage and camera experience combined with her deep coaching skills create a perfect combination for anyone who is serious about creating videos that have impact.

Magda Dorobantu
Founder "Bloom Coaching"

Evelyne is amazing! She is a great mixture of an excelent coach, an expert in comunication & expresion on and beyound the camera and an incredibly compassionate person.

Joining Evelyne’s Video Impact course gave me the confidence to be the guest at my first-ever on-line live event. It also provided me with multiple options to insightfully reply to the question ‘What do you do for a living?’ and the structure to create powerful videos.

During our 1:1 coaching session, Evelyne helped me tell my story by extracting the my truth and building eloquent metaphors that proved pivotal for the copy of my website.

I definitely recommend Evelyne to  for being compelling on and beyond camera.


What's next?

Creating Digital Assets is crucial for your business. Communicating effectively with your team via video is crucial for the team spirit= collaboration.  Selling, delivering and marketing can no longer be done without video. Doing this poorly is costing you money and self-esteem. Doing this well opens up infinite opportunities.

Ready to move forward? Or have any questions?

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