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Are you ready for your treasure?
If only you had a whole day with Evelyne in luxury surroundings to...


Re-discover boldest vision and re-design your life & business.

Treasures are buried at the bottom of the sea. Oysters patiently lay turning a grain of sand (their aggravation) in their sensitive palette into a timelessly beautiful pearl.

What if your grievances became the sand in your oyster? 

Pearls of wisdom and deep  insight and transformation await.

Your pearls formed from the challenges in your life.
It is time to harvest them, enjoy them & wear them!
There is a time and a place.

Transform with the power of deep precision insight and the calm you were looking for.

Connect to the energy that inspires you to greatness!


The Pearl Dive invites you to a gently powerful and luxurious day of deep exploration.

Receive Evelyne's full attention on you for the day.
Live in person luxury in Royal London or in an online adaptation.

Connect your senses to your mind and soul with powerful coaching, tons of laughter and of course luxurious surroundings.

A day with Evelyne Brink connects you to your true being. The result of which changes everything… 

Explore Your Deepest Self

You Desire Your Vitality

Up-level into deep and unshakeable confidence, knowing that you are limitless.


Re-Discover Your Brilliance

Establish generative work/life habits that support your joy, health and vitality and success.


Clear Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Transform the way you’ve been operating in the world to your next level.


Gain Clarity for Your Next Moves

Find your focus and a new way to utilise your skills.


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The result of the deep enjoyable work we do has led to record deals, high paying contracts, flow, ease in life, courage to say no to addictive toxic relationships, and job promotions.


Receive your pearls of insight.