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You will discover:

  • How to improve productivity and boost your ability to handle multiple challenging situations effectively and with ease

  • Effective ways to experience more pleasure in your work and life on a day-to-day basis

  • How to express deep truths publicly, leverage your unique personality and profit from being more personable

  • The #1 secret to shifting gears in your business, and by doing so up-level profits, impact, and purpose

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Evelyne Brink an international coach, author, and mother with a big personal story and  a prolific background in entertainment.


She has 5 published CDs, was signed to Sony music, 3 published books. Evelyne became known as Europe's’ Nr.1 Madonna Impersonator as seen on TV.  Her son’s  life limiting condition offers her opportunity to navigate challenges of capacity, emotions and logistics.


Having been coaching professionally for almost 20 years, she founded the Business by Pleasure Club to elevate high-achieving women into living a life and business that is nourishing and enjoyable which makes the world a better place.


She has built a 6-figure business with kids at home working part-time. To keep happy during the pandemic, she enjoys watching movies with her kids whilst huddled up in her sauna blanket. 


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"Evelyne just gets it... and she gets me! She challenges my thinking and my outlook in a way which tests me to the full, but she also manages to make the sessions fun and enjoyable. I love my sessions with Evelyne, I don’t want them to end!"

Sharon Walsh

Senior Exec Assistant - Channel 4