Business Growth a more ‘feminine way’. Really?!

You’re already successful. Your business is thriving. Your clients love you.
But it’s hard work - and the hard work never ends. 

As women, we push for DECADES - we strive and succeed...but we don’t know how to turn it off. Our minds are racing. Our bodies tense. We don’t know how to have success AND pleasure.

 You’re tired of pushing yourself -  you want more but can’t do even more. And you shouldn’t. 


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If you’re feeling…

  • Annoyed with the workload
  • Tired of “influencer” promises and fetishised insta life style
  • Had enough  of “doing it all”
  • Exhausted waiting for the next “season” of life

Dear fellow badass this isn’t a season. It’s a habit - and it needs to change.

Working hard is overrated. Being the best is exhausting. Getting ahead is not fun when it kills you from the inside.

I say:


Getting to the next level in your business can be rewarding - even pleasurable, 

Introducing Business By Pleasure, a mastermind - or shall we say Mistressmind! (female master, not someone’s sidekick mind you) programme designed to see you reach 6 and 7 figures without crashing and burning in the process.

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Whinnie Williams, founder "Poodle and Blonde", former pop star, TV presenter

Evelyne has been my secret weapon for the last 10 years. She blows my mind every time. 

In BBP, we support the idea that CEOs should not only create abundance, but enjoy it too. Led by yours truly, we meet almost every week to honor our successes, encourage expression and peel back the layers of programming that tells us we need to work hard to deserve it all. 

As an exclusive and honored member of BBP, you'll receive access to:

Pillar 1: The Alpha & The Omega

Learn the art of self-mastery and self-awareness.

Pillar 2: Capacity

Improve your ability to manage multiple situations with pleasure at the core.

Pillar 3: Expression

Learn how to publicly share your deep truth. 

Pillar 4: Bliss

Experience more pleasure through daily bliss.

Pillar 5: Productivity

Uplevel profits and purpose in your business.

And so much more.

I need Business By Pleasure

Rich Litvin, Founder The Litvin Group

Evelyne Brink is my secret weapon.

We're constantly growing, evolving and learning how to bring more and more pleasure into our lives. So whatever we discover, we'll share with you.

Meet your Pleasure Queen, Evelyne Brink

Hi, I'm Evelyne Brink. I am sometimes human, oftentimes extraordinary- a wild woman, witch, and magic wand to my clients.

A catalyst of your development, magic, and business growth. I’m your coach, and in my presence, you have permission and a nurturing ground to fully express, feel and grow in yourself.

I hear you between the lines, I see the places you won’t see yourself and I can help you gain clarity expanding your courage, confidence, and charisma in a way my clients describe as ‘mind-blowing’.

I've birthed two babies, sang and performed around the world as Madonna, wrote and published my own music and books,  and coached high-achieving women who know they are special and want to feel their life reflecting it. I work with CEOs, leaders, pop stars, TV presenters, and star entrepreneurs.  I run a mini-hospital from home, caring for a child with a “life-limiting condition”  which I insist will not limit our fun and life at all. ;-)

I want to see more high-performing women liberated from the shackles of working so bloody hard. Stop invisible labour.  Let’s end the martyrdom of women to success, family, and men. Let’s finish the culture of chronic insecurity and relish the beauty and power we have.

Kastner, Founder "The Kastner
Method", Coach and Senior HR

Evelyne Brink really rocks

I can say with confidence, that I am a very successful woman, I’ve achieved more than the average. But everyone will find themselves in a corner at times and that is when you need someone like Evelyne who says:

“I show you how great you are, help you live your greatness. I am  here for you”
I want to thank you, so much. You rock on all levels. I am so fuelled with gratitude, I am overflowing with gratitude and love.

And one can tell how much you have gone through yourself, through so much shit and shifts and how strong you’ve become. It’s a strength that has nothing to do with being hard, perfectionism or fitting in  but that is all about ‘I live my authentic self”

You really help people to  get to their next level, expand their brilliance. This is mega hot shit. My eyes are watering. How can I transmit this gratitude? I don’t have waterproof mascara on!

Are you ready to take the easy route for once?
Fill out the form below to join us in our next life and business transforming mistressmind.

Oh and we will have fun. (You can take the girl out of comedy but...)

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Kobini Ananth, 
Singer, Coach, Economist

Evelyne, I really want to say that our year together is playing its magic

I am so grateful I worked with you - you are magical and have helped me transform in a way that I couldn’t have imagined, thank you

so many desires came true after our work -

our work has given me the courage to lean into the desire for a relationship where I can be ALL OF ME and be really MET and SEEN by my partner. And our work together helped me take ownership, how available I am to my own needs and self, and how present I am with others around me.

I don’t think I would be the woman I am today had you not been on my journey.